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Living with Back Pain? You’re Not Alone

Junie P.

Me diagnosticaron DDD L5-S1. He recibido tres inyecciones en la espalda que me ayudaron con el dolor en las piernas, pero no en la espalda. Después de eso, decidí comenzar mi fisioterapia. Informé y conocí a Lisa, mi PT. Los cambios que he visto desde que vine aquí son increíbles. Ahora puedo doblarme y salir de la cama sin tener que usar mis brazos. Antes no podía estar de pie por mucho tiempo, pero ahora puedo hacerlo cómodamente sin tener que conseguir una silla.

Junie P.

I was diagnosed with L5-S1 DDD. I have had three back injections that assisted me with the leg pain, but not my back. After that, I decided to start my physical therapy. I reported and met Lisa, my PT. The changes that I have seen since coming here are amazing. I am now able to bend and able to get out of bed without having to use my arms. I used to not be able to stand for a long duration, but now I am comfortably able to do so without having to get a chair. As a service member working in logistics, bending, reaching, and lifting are important to accomplish my job.

Ramon N.

He estado en el ejército durante 14 años y medio. En enero pasado me caí en la ducha, debido a la caída tengo dolor de espalda baja. Las radiografías mostraron que tenía una fractura compuesta en mi L3. El dolor me despertaba por la noche. Mi cirujano ortopédico me recomendó PT. Como he estado tratando en Libre Physical Therapy, mi dolor de espalda casi ha desaparecido. Puedo volver al gimnasio y caminar largas distancias. Durante la fisioterapia, hice algunos ejercicios para alinear mi cadera y fortalecer mi núcleo. Este PT en Libre ha sido genial. Estoy muy feliz y aprecio trabajar con ellos.

Ramon N.

I’ve been in the military for 14 and a half years. Last January I fell in the shower, because of the fall I have lower back pain. The x-rays showed that I had a compound fracture in my L3. The pain was waking me up at night. My orthopedic surgeon recommended PT. Since I have been treating at Libre Physical Therapy my back pain is almost gone. I can go back to the gym and walk long distances. During physical therapy, I have done some exercises to align my hip and strengthen my core. This PT at Libre has been great. I am so happy and appreciate working with them.

Jose S.

Hace aproximadamente un año tuve una lesión relacionada con el trabajo y me operaron el hombro izquierdo (9 tornillos) y la parte baja de la espalda (8 tornillos y placa). Después de las cirugías, tuve mucho dolor y falta de movimiento. Antes de venir a Libre PT para terapia, apenas podía mover mi hombro y no podía ser independiente con las actividades diarias como salir de la cama y ducharme. Después de venir a Libre, puedo decir que he mejorado muchísimo. Brenda ha ayudado a mi hombro, ahora puedo moverlo con mucho menos dolor y alcanzar objetos desde armarios altos. Mi espalda también ha mejorado mucho. Lisa ha sido genial! Ahora soy independiente con mis actividades diarias, puedo dormir mejor y no necesito medicamentos para el dolor con tanta frecuencia para pasar el día. El personal de Libre ha sido como una familia para mí. Se preocupan y demuestran que aman lo que hacen. Estaré por siempre agradecido.

Jose S.

I had a work-related injury about a year ago and had surgery on left shoulder (9 screws) and low back (8 screws and plate). After having the surgeries, I had a lot of pain and lack of movement. Before coming to Libre PT for therapy I could hardly move my shoulder and couldn’t be independent with daily activities like getting out of bed and showering. After coming to Libre, I can say that I have improved immensely. Brenda has helped my shoulder, I can now move it with much less pain and reach objects from high cabinets. My back has also improved a lot. Lisa has been great! I am now independent with my daily activities, I can sleep better and don’t require pain meds as often to get through my day. The Libre staff has been like a family to me. They are caring and demonstrate that they love what they do. I will be forever grateful.

David B.

He tenido el placer de recibir servicios en Libre Physical Therapy durante varios meses. Había sufrido un mal en el tobillo y la rodilla. Mi rodilla está completamente remediada. La espalda y el tobillo se mejoran significativamente. Ahora puedo hacer ejercicio y caminar. ¡Volviendo al golf a la vuelta de la esquina agradeció a las mejores terapeutas Lisa y Lily!

David B.

I have had the pleasure of being serviced at Libre Physical Therapy for several months. I had suffered from a bad back, ankle, and knee. My knee is completely remedied. The back and ankle are significantly improved. I am now able to exercise and walk. Returning to golfing around the corner thanks to the best therapists Lisa and Lily!

Charles L.

Personal amable que me ayudó a recuperarme de mi lesión de espalda relacionada con el trabajo.

Blerim D.

Gran clínica Servicio de primera clase. Lisa, la directora de fisioterapia, trabajó en mi espalda baja después de un accidente de bicicleta. Ella es muy compasiva y conocedora de su campo de especialización. Se lo recomendaría a cualquiera.

Bryce H.

Tuve un accidente en el trabajo. Tuve terapia de rehabilitación en diferentes lugares antes de encontrar Libre. Mi terapia ocupacional para mi fractura en la mano se realizó con Brenda. Lisa hizo mi fisioterapia, por mi fractura en la espalda y el cuello. Estos dos terapeutas son los mejores en el condado de Miami-Dade, tal vez incluso en toda la Florida. Son muy buenos en su trabajo, pero más que eso, realmente les importa. Siento que soy parte de sus vidas. ¡No iré a otro lado que no sea Libre!

Bryce H.

I had an accident at work. I had rehab therapy at several different places before I found Libre. My Occupational Therapy for my broken hand was done with Brenda. My Physical Therapy, for my fractured back and neck, was done by Lisa. These two therapists are hands down the best in Miami-Dade County, maybe even all of Florida. They are very good at their job, but more than that, they actually care. I feel like I am a part of their lives. I will not go anywhere but Libre!

Blerim D.

Great clinic. First class service. Lisa the Physical therapy director worked on my lower back following a cycling accident. She is very compassionate and knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

Charles L.

Friendly staff that helped me recover from my work-related back injury.

Physical Therapy Can Help You Find Relief for Back Pain and Sciatica

If you wake up in the morning with back pain or notice nagging aches in your back, buttock, or thighs, physical therapy in Homestead and Miami, FL can help you find relief.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, back pain is the most commonly reported pain across the nation, and one out of every four Americans has experienced back pain in the past three months.

While back pain and sciatica are similar, they still have their differences and are often confused with one another. Back pain is found specifically in the upper, middle or lower back. Sciatica is a more diffuse, radiating pain down the buttock, thigh, and even leg. It is also possible to have radiculopathy, which is a radiating numbness, tingling, burning, or sharp pain to a specific part of the leg. This is often associated with a herniated disc, or entrapment of the nerve in that area, as it exits the spine.

At Libre Physical Therapy, our Homestead and Miami, FL physical therapists will get to the root of the problem and provide long-lasting relief. In many cases, our treatments are even able to eliminate the need for harmful painkilling drugs, such as opioids, or an invasive surgical procedure. If you are suffering from back pain or sciatica, don’t rely on medicines to help you mask the pain.

PT treatment for back pain and sciatica

While back pain may come and go, it is always important to treat it right away. If not, it can lead to poor joint movement, core weakness, and poor muscle coordination, which can all lead to unwanted injuries in the future.

Back pain and sciatica are both completely treatable through physical therapy. Our Homestead and Miami, FL physical therapist will create a specific treatment plan for you based upon your diagnosis.

The early stages of your physical therapy treatment will focus on quick pain relief. Afterward, our physical therapist will expand your treatment to include strengthening your core muscle group with specific therapeutic exercises and stretches. This helps improve your strength and range of motion to prevent re-injury of your spine. Our physical therapist will also provide you with ergonomic techniques for taking care of your spine during daily activities, such as sitting at a desk or driving.

For the treatment of sciatica, our physical therapists will implement specific leg stretches into your treatment plan to loosen the sciatic nerve. This restores the natural health of the nerve and quickly reduces symptoms.

What caused my back pain and sciatica?

General back pain typically develops as the result of an injury. This can be due to repetitive straining motions, such as leaning down multiple times throughout the day to pick up a toddler, or a more serious, sudden trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident.

Underlying conditions, such as herniated discs, can also cause immense pain, and cause radiculopathy pain to the thigh, leg, or foot. Degenerative disc disease is a common condition as we age, which can result in back pain. Those with this condition typically report dull, aching pains in their lower back, and have difficulty with prolonged standing or walking.

Sciatica’s technical name is “lumbar radiculopathy.” People who develop this condition are generally between the ages of 30 and 50. Many different types of injuries can cause the development of sciatica, including arthritis, bone spurs, or any other injury that impacts the sciatic nerve.

Most commonly, we find that people lose their flexibility in the hips and pelvis, which causes the gluteus and hip muscles to become tightened. In turn, this alters the mechanics of the spine, and compresses the sciatic nerve as it travels through these tissues.

Back pain and sciatica – defined


Sciatica is a specific type of back pain that is reported as being highly uncomfortable. However, it is also fortunately very simple to diagnose. People with sciatica experience pain along the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in your body.

The sciatic nerve begins at your lower back and then splits at the base of your spine to extend further down to your buttocks, legs, and finally ends at the bottom of each foot. The sciatic nerve can become compressed or irritated, which causes a “shooting,” “stinging,” or “burning” sensation in your lower back, buttocks, legs, or feet.

Back pain

“Back pain” is a term that can be caused by an array of different conditions. For example, you may experience back pain due to poor posture, a motor vehicle accident, or a lifting injury. The treatment plan that our Homestead and Miami, FL physical therapist sets up for you, will depend on how you developed the back pain, in addition to its exact location and your past medical history.

Back pain can be described as acute, meaning it is short-term, or chronic, meaning it is long-term (typically lasting for three months or longer).

Find relief for your back pain and/or sciatica today

If you are experiencing the symptoms of back pain or sciatica, find relief with Libre Physical Therapy today. Request your consultation to get started on the first steps toward recovery and living a comfortable life.