Fine Motor Delay and HandwritingDifficulties Homestead, Kendall, Miami, FL

Fine Motor Delay and HandwritingDifficulties

Fine motor is defined as your child’s ability to manipulate their body in very coordinated ways, especially the hands and fingers. It takes a lot of coordination and skill to manipulate smaller and smaller objects, especially as we grow, eventually learning to write. Children can have delays in their ability to manipulate everyday objects and often appear clumsy. With different neurological disorders a child may not keep up with his / her peers when grasping objects, holding them, bringing them to their mouth, stacking small objects.

For older children, this delay can cause difficulties in handwriting and doing more complex tasks with fine precision.

How In-Home Pediatric Therapy with Libre Therapy Services Helps Fine Motor Delays

Our specialized Miami pediatric therapists work with your child to determine where they are in the normal progression of their fine motor skill development. If there are suspected delays in abilities, a plan is worked out to enhance your child’s fine motor skills on a gradient.

We work with your child and the whole family, to engage in activities that can also be done in the home to further improve your child’s coordination. For children having difficulty with handwriting, our occupational therapists determine the specific limitations and integrate a skilled plan to help your child improve their writing.

If you are in or around Miami, FL and need more information or assistance in dealing with fine motor delays or hand writing difficulties, please request a free consult with Libre Therapy Services.