Patient Testimonials

  • I went patient Libre Physical Therapy for two months and I can only say good things about this clinic, the atmosphere is very clean and relaxing. Dr. Brenda was very understanding, friendly and attentive. She took the time to explain everything about my recovery and treatment and improve very much. Was very pleased and happy with the deal and all staff in general.

    Julio C.

  • I am very glad I made my occupational therapy at Libre Physical Therapy since everything was magnificent, the therapist Brenda was very attentive to me and was always very willing to help with any questions or problems you have. The Appointments are very convenient since they were very flexible with my work schedule. I definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who wants a fast recovery and have a complicated schedule.

    German Z.

  • I attended Libre Physical Services for occupational therapy after a work accident that affected my hand, Dr. Brenda Kent therapy gave me and helped me feel better. I feel satisfied and would recommend this place to my family and friends. She is an excellent therapist and was very kind and compassionate and I am very grateful and if I have to do more therapy would look for her. The staff was helpful, I got good reception every day coming to therapy in Libre. The hours and days of therapy were flexible. Thank you!

    Maria T.

  • This facility is a clean and professional physical therapy practice. The therapist are very caring and knowledgeable.

    Raquel R.

  • Friendly staff that helped me recover from my work related back injury.

    Charles L.

  • They offer a great service and the therapists are very caring. I feel very pleased with everything.

    Denise H.

  • Professional and caring OT’s and PT’s! Highly recommend!

    Melanie S.

  • I like everything about this clinic, the therapists are very nice and helpful. The place is very clean and the staff is great. I could only say great things about Libre Physical Therapy, very pleased.

    Patricia H.

  • Excellent attention from the Occupational therapist Brenda Kent and the rest of the staff, I definitely recommend this clinic because of its great job in general.

    Mayra T.

  • AMAZING!! Brenda treats my hands and just after a few visits I started to feel relief. They are prompt with appointments, services are great and everyone is so friendly. This is the place to go! I would recommend this group to all my friends for PT and OT services!

    Erica D.

  • Great clinic. First class service. Lisa the Physical therapy director worked on my lower back following a cycling accident. She is very compassionate and knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I would recommended to anyone.

    Blerim D.

  • I highly recommend Libre Physical Therapy and especially Lisa Galvez! The staff are always friendly, greet you with a smile, and are extremely knowledgeable. A much more personal and one-on-one experience than some of the other physical therapists I’ve been to in Homestead.

    Chris M.

  • My experience was great, they were very flexible with the appointments and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Brenda, the OT was very good with the treatment and she took the time to explain everything in details. Overall I feel very pleased.

    Jariesky C.

  • I had an accident at work. I had rehab therapy at several different places before I found Libre. My Occupational Therapy for my broken hand was done with Brenda. My Physical Therapy, for my fractured back and neck, was done by Lisa. These two therapists are hands down the best in Miami-Dade County, maybe even all of Florida. They are very good at their job, but more than that, they actually care. I feel like I am a part of their lives, not just their bank accounts, like most medical professionals make me feel. I will not go anywhere but Libre!

    Bryce H.

  • My experience was amazing. Having been to other physical therapy establishments this one by far has been my favorite. Lisa, my physical therapist was wonderful. She took the time to explain the process of getting me better without hesitation and I could tell she loved what she did by her professionalism and friendly demeanor.The staff was very friendly. If I needed to cancel or reschedule an appointment is was easy to do. The facility was clean and organized. I would highly recommend Libre Physical Therapy to anyone ready to get back to a life without pain.

    Latrice W.

  • Such a nice place, friendly service and I had fun. Will continue going there for therapy.

    Lourdes H.

  • I highly recommend Libre Physical Therapy! They helped me a lot with my injury. My therapists – Lisa and Daniel have a great knowledge and good approach to a patient. All people who work there are friendly and outgoing. Denise is a very nice lady. She helps a lot with administration issues. If you are injured, go to Libre Physical Therapy! There is no better rehab center in Florida.

    Mateusz W.

  • I came here after having a double bunionectomy and my experience was phenomenal. Firstly, the office always smells sooo good and has such a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Lisa and Dan were fantastic! Always going out of their way to ensure I received the proper amount of care and attention during my sessions. Offering advice on exercises I can do at home to speed up my recovery. Denise on the front desk was also lovey, very friendly and always working with you to schedule sessions at your convenience. I highly recommend Libre Services to anyone looking for a professional hard working team that cater to your needs. Thank you Libre services for your awesomeness!

    Rachel J.

  • My experience at Libre was the best! I had carpal tunnel surgery and came here for therapy. Very good experienced staff. The overall staff is very welcoming. Denise is the best. Denise let me know when my appointments were and asked when was the best times for me. Denise even called to let me know about any issues that arose be it insurance or scheduling. Denise is the best. Brenda my therapist was awesome. Brenda made me feel at ease right away visiting a place i have never been before. Over the next weeks of therapy Brenda set a routine for me be it here in the office and at home. Brenda was not just instructional in the therapy but talkative and it made me feel like she cared not just about my therapy but for me has a healing person. Over the weeks of therapy Brenda helped me approve in strength and attitude after having surgery.

    Zanecus J.

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