posture training

Postural Analysis and Corrections

Postural analysis is a computerized technique used by utilizing a couple, or series of images to determine your spinal alignment. The software detects multiple locations throughout your upper, middle, and lower back where your body weight is being unequally distributed. After determining stressful points along the spine, a postural analysis gives a conclusive score to one of our physical therapists.

The additional muscle tension down a patient’s back can cause a wide variety of issues overtime, including chronic pain. It is highly recommended if you sit at a desk, spend long periods of time in front of a television, or otherwise live a sedentary lifestyle, to pay close attention to your posture.

If you are experiencing pain in your back, neck, or lower extremities, or have a reduced rate of mobility, contact Libre Physical Therapy in Homestead, FL right away! One of our physical therapists can determine if a postural analysis is a good option for you.

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